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Cross-border heat from Kehl for the people of Strasbourg

Publié le 12/03/2019 - Modifié le 12/03/2019

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Cross-border heat from Kehl for the people of Strasbourg

Environment Europe, international

Waste heat from the German steelworks BSW Kehl : a heating possibility for the inhabitants of the Eurometropolis Strasbourg.

A solution is emerging in Kehl: the heat recovery of the Badische Stahlwerke would not only supply energy for the BK bioenergy production plant installed in the port of Kehl, but also for around 4,500 residential units in Strasbourg.

About 45 GWh of heat could cross the Rhine each year. This is the result of a feasibility study financed by the Ministry of the Environment and Energy of Baden-Württemberg, which was presented on Wednesday, 13 February, in the town hall of Kehl.

Representatives of the Federal Ministry of Economics, the Franco-German Energy Platform, BSW as well as the President of the Eurometropolis Strasbourg Robert Herrmann and the Mayor of Kehl Toni Vetrano met to discuss the concretization of this ambitious project.

A new meeting is planned within two months. This should make it possible to determine the exact content of the project, and in particular the cooperation agreements to determine the financing, construction and future operation of a cross-border heating network.

"This cross-border project would reaffirm the strong partnership links that link our two local communities and would in fact give substance to the ambitious Eurometropolis policy on energy system transformation", said Robert Herrmann, President of the Eurometropolis Strasbourg.