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Back From May 1st to 31st celebrate Europe in Strasbourg !

Published on 27/04/2023 - Modified on 27/04/2023

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From May 1st to 31st celebrate Europe in Strasbourg !

Europe, international

Discover a rich and diversified program that you can enjoy throughout the month of May

fête de l'Europe du 3 au 31 mai 2023
Europe is very present in our city and the proximity of Germany means that we have a cross-border and European spirit .

The "Fête de l’Europe " (Festival of Europe), every year in our city,  has a very special meaning and a particular dimension.

Discover the highlights of the Fête de l’Europe 2023 : it offers the opportunity to exchange, get information, share, have fun and have a good time. 
A programm with musical animations, exhibitions, urban culture, Eurobus, conferences and games will enrich this new edition of this european month in Strasbourg.

We wish you all a nice European festival !

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