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angle-left Summer in the City of KEHL

Published on 05/07/2019 - Modified on 28/10/2019

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Summer in the City of KEHL

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Discover the program of the summer events in our German neighbour-city

In our German neighbour-city of Kehl-am-Rhein, a number of cultural, sporting and festive events are organized throughout the year and supervised by the Kehl Marketing GmbH with the partnership of the City of Kehl. and “Kehl Kuturveranstaltungen”.

In summer, the "Kultursommer im Rosengarten" (cultural summer at the Rose Garden) is a particularly popular event with a series of concerts, musicians and various groups that delight you through the music of all the world.

This year in September, there will also be organized the "Rheingeflüster", an event scheduled every two years which transforms the city into a magical place two nights in September

Between the Rose Garden and the panoramic tower “Weißtannenturm", visitors can walk from one place to another, and meet actors, poets, musicians and jugglers on the set-up scenes and other places in Kehl. Anita Bertolami, Eucalypdos, Jong Coers, Gerald Friese, Cornelia Grau, Ive & T.Bo, Matt Woosey Band, Duo Zweisam will perform in this year program. 

In the evening, at the dusk, the show scene is delimited by one-meter-high lightsculptures that  gives to this popular place in Kehl an extraordinary magical atmosphere.

More information about all events and celebrations in Kehl, visit the websites: