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Cultural venues

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Cultural venues

Strasbourg owes the richness of its cultural offer to the diversity of its artists as well as to its many cultural venues.

Opéra National du Rhin

The Opéra national du Rhin is jointly run by Strasbourg, Mulhouse and Colmar. It stages operas, ballet, recitals concerts and also performances for a younger public.

Théâtre National de Strasbourg (TNS)

The TNS is the only French National Theatre to be found outside Paris. The theatre's programming underlines its originality and emphasises the power and diversity of words and the skills of the actors. The TNS also frequently stages contemporary revivals of classic plays.

Le Maillon

Le Maillon's performances reflect the contemporary scene in drama, dance, circus, music and visual arts, both in France and abroad. Performances are also staged in other theatres in Strasbourg and in Offenbourg.

Strasbourg Europe Zénith

The Strasbourg Europe Zénith is the biggest Zénith in France, and can accommodate up to 12,000 spectators. The huge, modular main auditorium contains two giant screens and its concerts and events attract people from Germany, as well as from around Strasbourg.

La Laiterie

La Laiterie – Strasbourg's venue for modern music – stages over 150 gigs each season, as well as 3 festivals. Its dense, eclectic programming reflects the current music scene. Between 450 and 650 international, regional and local artists and bands perform at La Laiterie each year, and these include rising and newly discovered artists in every genre of popular music, as well as highly specialised musicians.

The Strasbourg philharmonic orchestra

The Strasbourg Philharmonic orchestra has a worldwide reputation for excellence and its concerts include symphonic music and opera.

CEAAC – the European Centre for Contemporary Art Projects

CEAAC sets out to increase awareness of contemporary art, provide support for regional artists and encourage international exchanges.

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