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Derogation for the low emissions zone of the Eurometropole Strasbourg

Published on 09/01/2023 - Modified on 09/01/2023

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Derogation for the low emissions zone of the Eurometropole Strasbourg

The implementation of the ZFE-m is accompanied by the possibility of granting exemptions for certain vehicles according to specific criteria.


The LEZ will be rolled out with the possibility of granting exemptions to certain vehicles fulfilling 'missions of general interest'. Certain exemptions will be compulsory. Others can be allocated on a temporary basis at the discretion of mayors based on specific economic and social criteria.

Mandatory national exemptions include:

  • Vehicles of general interest (police, national police force, firefighting, mobile hospital unit...)
  • Vehicles of the Ministry of Defence
  • Vehicles with disabled parking disks
  • The Eurométropole of Strasbourg will add exemptions to this list following the outcome of the citizen’s convention and the needs stated by the participants. Trades persons, retailers, professionals and persons with reduced mobility... It will provide assistance in all special situations, taking the needs of each and every one and alternative offers into account.

Examples of additional exemptions the Eurométropole may adopt following the citizen’s convention:

  • Technical vehicles concerned by the LEZ for which no "clean" alternative (Crit’air 1 or 0) is currently available on the market
  • Food market supply vehicles
  • Vintage cars (more than 30 years old) as stated on the registration document
  • Minibuses belonging to non-profit associations

To request an exemption or a ZFE 24h Pass, please go to derogations-zfe.strasbourg.eu

More information about the low emission zone on zfe.strasbourg.eu