Administrative formalities for foreign residents

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Administrative formalities for foreign residents

Who should you contact for your administrative formalities? To register on the electoral roll or obtain a civil status certificate? The answers are in this section.

Formalities to be performed for the commune you live in

When you live in Strasbourg or the Eurometropolis, you can perform administrative formalities in the neighborhood town halls (Strasbourg) and the town hall of your commune (Eurometropolis). You can also go to the Centre Administratif de la Ville et de l’Eurométropole de Strasbourg (Administrative Center for the City and Eurometropolis of Strasbourg).

You can also carry out formalities online, on the MonStrasbourg website. Indeed some dematerialized forms are available on this site in English.

Administrative proceedures in town halls and the administrative center:

  • Civil status certificate applications for administrative procedures or genealogical research
  • Registration on the electoral roll (European and local elections)
  • Residential parking
  • Enroll children in schools and for school activities
  • Report lost possessions
  • Sign up for pollution peak alerts
  • Apply for a Quotient Familial (a family means calculation used for entitlement to certain aids) for foreign students
  • Declare a death
  • Parent recognition of a child before or after the birth and birth declaration
  • Proof of accommodation

Bills for child-care, school catering, school activities and water and sanitation can be paid online using the Titre Payable Par Internet – TIPI (Internet means of payment) (in French).

Hosting foreigners in France

Depending on your circumstances, for formalities such as an application for a residency permit, asylum or family grouping, you must get in touch with the Bas-Rhin Préfecture (in French).

Where to carry out formalities?