Civil status certificate and genealogical research

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Civil status certificate and genealogical research

The everyday situations that require civil status documents are very varied. For example, for certain procedures you may need a birth, marriage or death certificate. On this page, we explain the various documents that the civil registry office can issue and show you how to obtain the necessary documents.

Three documents are available:

  • The full copy: it is a reproduction of the original certificate, including marginal annotations,
  • The full copy: it is a reproduction of the original certificate, including marginal annotations,
  • The extract without filiations: it indicates the identity of the person concerned and the latest marginal mentions concerning him/her.

Who can obtain a complete copy or extract with filiations of a birth or marriage certificate?

  • The person concerned by the certification, provided they are at least 18 years old, his/her spouse, his/her ancestors (parents, grandparents) or descendants (children, grandchildren), his/her legal representative,
  • Some professionals when a text that authorizes them to do so.

Anyone can obtain a birth or marriage certificate without filiations, as well as a full copy of a death certificate.

Where to go for help?

You were born or you got married in Strasbourg

You can make the request:

  • by going to the City and Eurometropolis of Strasbourg's City Hall (Centre Administratif, 1, parc de l’Etoile, 67000 Strasbourg), or to one of the city’s district town halls (with your identity card). In this case, the document will be delivered to you immediately on site.
  • by fax: +33 (0)3 68 98 98 56 88
  • by mail: Mairie de Strasbourg - Service de l'état civil, 1 parc de l'Étoile, 67076 Strasbourg Cedex
  • via the following online-form:

If you are making your request by fax or mail: please indicate your full name, date of birth, your parents’ first names and surnames (including your mother's maiden name), as well as your address for sending your certificate. The certificate will be sent to you free of charge by mail within a few days.

You were born or got married in another town in France

You can visit the website of your town of birth, or use the following online-service:

You were born or got married in a country other than France

You can use the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' online-form:

You do genealogical research

Are you starting a genealogy and want to follow in the footsteps of your ancestors? Find out what documents are held by:

  • the Civil Registry Department,
  • the City and Eurometropolis Archives,
  • the Regional Archives (Bas-Rhin).

Important: The City and Eurometropolis Archives do not carry out genealogical research if the request is imprecise or if the records are put online by the Regional Archives (Bas-Rhin).

The City and Eurometropolis Archives have put online:

  • births with marginal annotations until 1916,
  • marriages until 1922,
  • deaths until 1939.

The Bas-Rhin Regional Archives have put online:

  • the registers of all the Bas-Rhin’s towns and villages, until 1912,
  • the registers of the City of Strasbourg until 1912 (deaths until 1922),
  • the registers of the judicial district of Saverne until 1912.

To search, consult or print these certificates, visit the Archives website:

Online request form

Important: some websites not affiliated with the French government offer you to carry out administrative procedures for a certain amount of money. The official civil status request service is entirely free.