Public libraries

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Public libraries

The Eurometropolis has a rich network of more than 30 libraries for a total of close to one million works.

The Pass’relle network

The Strasbourg Eurometropolis currently has over 30 libraries and media libraries on its territory. One single card, the Pass'relle card, enables users to access all the works in these libraries. Numerous services and activities are also on offer.

All the works in the media libraries can be freely accessed and consulted at no charge and are open to all.

The media libraries also have computer workstations (for catalog searches, web browsing, language learning, office software, etc.) and offer digital tool training courses.

Some media libraries have developed centers of excellence: the City of Strasbourg heritage fund, the Centre de l'Illustration et Littératures Européennes in the Médiathèque André Malraux; the art library in the Médiathèque Neudor, the dance collection at the Médiathèque Meinau, the Gender Studies collection at the Médiathèque Olympe de Gouges.