Your vehicle was impound: what to do?

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Your vehicle was impound: what to do?

If you find that your vehicle is no longer where you left it, your vehicle has probably been impounded.

It is important to know by which police authority ( local, national or "Gendarmerie nationale") your vehicle has been impounded for the rest of the procedure. Contact the National Police ("Police Nationale") by phone (34 Route de l'Hôpital, 67000 Strasbourg / phone: +33 (0)3 90 23 17 17 17) or the "Gendarmerie nationale" (Gendarmerie du Bas-Rhin: 2 Rue de Molsheim, 67000 Strasbourg / +33 (0)3 88 37 52 99) to find out which authority is responsible for the disappearance of the vehicle. You will then be referred to the appropriate department to proceed with the release of the impounded vehicle.

Administrative formalities to release your vehicle

Before looking for your vehicle at the impound lot ("fourrière"), you must go to the police department that towed the vehicle to have it released.

Caution: no impounded vehicle can be released without presentation of supporting documents. If you have left your papers in your vehicle, first go to the impound lot ("fourrière") to collect them (contact details below).

If your vehicle has been impounded by the Strasbourg local police ("Police municipale"):

Go to the City of Strasbourg's Administrative Centre (Centre Administratif, 1 Parc de l'Etoile). The relevant office is located next to the entrance with disabled access and is open 24/7.

You must submit the following documents:

  • driver's license ("permis de conduire")
  • car registration document ("carte grise")
  • up-to-date insurance card ("carte d'assurance")

Then, go to the community impound lot (see below, open 24/7). Important: the longer your vehicle stays in storage, the higher the transfer costs!

Impound fees for a private car

  • 116.81 euros of towing fees
  • 6.19 euros of security fees per 24 hours (fees are due at least for one day)
  • if applicable, expert fees of 61 euros.

These fees are subject to change.

Fixed sum fine

The fixed fine must be paid within 45 days following the verbalization.

Community impound lot’s contact

Fourrière Automobile Communautaire (Société Strasbourgeoise d'Enlèvement - SEG)
1c rue du Doubs
67000 Strasbourg
Tel. +33 (0)3 90 40 14 00