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Nextmed - Instrumental for tomorrow's healthcare

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Nextmed - Instrumental for tomorrow's healthcare

Ever since it opened in 2012, nextmed has been an international benchmark for advances in healthcare and in the development of medical expertise for serving citizens.

A wide-ranging programme in the heart of Strasbourg

Located within the campus of Strasbourg's civil hospital, nextmed brings together a full spectrum of medical, scientific and entrepreneurial expertise for building the healthcare of the future and innovation-led solutions for managing patients. Local and international partnerships are the driving force behind nextmed's aim of producing 1500 new jobs in the healthcare sector.

The challenge : using innovation to benefit patients

Ongoing enhancement of the patient pathway, preventive and medical care, daily monitoring and encouragement of digital healthcare solutions provide the main focus of the campus's ambitions. An ageing population means that chronic illnesses and associated pathologies, such as diabetes, need to be tackled without delay, while researching the medical solutions for tomorrow and working on how our region will be able to adapt to these developments.

Nextmed : from the original idea to patient application

One of nextmed's prime focuses is to bring companies together within an environment which will radically shorten the time between the emergence of an innovative idea and its application to patient healthcare.

The territory possesses the expertise, reactivity and knowledge of the medical and business environment to assess each individual project to pinpoint the specific areas where assistance needs to be provided. Nextmed acts as a key facilitator, helping businesses to:

  • Come up with the right opportunity,
  • Enjoy collaborative innovation,
  • Prosper within an environment of excellence.

Nextmed - Presskit (in French) 

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Nextmed offers outstanding features for its members:

  • The DeepTech incubator for start-ups in life sciences and healthcare and accelerators for developing business under the best conditions,
  • Tailored assistance and support to help innovation-led projects and drive the creation of new products and services,
  • Gold-standard academic research, offering the possibility of undertaking R&D work and creating bespoke public/private-sector partnerships,
  • European funding for accelerating the development of technological innovation,
  • Facilitated networking with hospitals and European partners,
  • Immediate proximity of university clinicians for performing clinical trials,
  • A pool of young graduates from one of the best French universities,
  • A prosperous, dynamic ecosystem with world-class centres of excellence.


« WithNextmed, medical innovation has already reached the next level. » Luc Soler, Visible Patient CEO

A standout environment

A standout environment

All healthcare environments have their own specific features. While Strasbourg's geographical location is certainly an advantage, it's especially the reactivity of its ecosystem and the area's quality of life that stand out. The benefits of this environment include:

  • A unique location within a trinational environment,
  • An outstanding place to live in one of the most dynamic cities in France,
  • A caring culture with a pool of highly skilled talents,
  • Membership of a united and dynamic healthcare ecosystem.




« Nextmed is a vital part of the jigsaw and is driving the emergence of tomorrow's champions, while underscoring Strasbourg's position as capital of Medtechs. » Philippe Bastide, Dianosic CEO

Individually-tailored real-estate

Nextmed's real-estate possibilities provide the final link in a comprehensive service offer. Spearheaded by the City and Metropolis of Strasbourg, the campus offers 27,000 m2 of land for innovation-led healthcare businesses, managed by SERS, the Strasbourg development agency.


The ENT building

The ENT building
Before renovation
After renovation

The BLUM centre

The BLUM centre
Before renovation
After renovation

Under the eaves of the ENT building

Under the eaves of the ENT building
Before renovation
After renovation

The ENT building extension

The ENT building extension
Before renovation
After renovation

The new extension has been designed for and by users to allow them to work in the best possible conditions:

  • New or comprehensively renovated buildings offering outstanding services and comfort, with modern, highly functional areas for employees to enjoy ideal working conditions,
  • Shared meeting rooms, co-working and relaxation and recreation areas,
  • Corporate services, including restaurant, bar, crèche and concierge,
  • Regular events, networking sessions and theme-based conferences.


1 billion euros
investment in 10 years
More than 50
companies created since 2015
More than 1500
new jobs by 2030
hectares specific to the campus
27 000m2
for hosting innovative businesses
A dozen
international subsidiaries

Source: City and Eurometropolis of Strasbourg


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Nicolas Pellerin, Director of nextmed

Tel: +33 (0)679 488 397



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