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La Manufacture des Tabacs (tobacco factory)

A fine example of 19thcentury industrial architecture

The tobacco factory is a fine example of 19th century industrial architecture and reflects Strasbourg’s traditional involvement in the tobacco industry.

The Strasbourg facility, with its shredding and roasting workshops and heating system is an excellent example of the Eugène Rolland model for tobacco factories, which was largely used from 1849 to 1902, but of which only 14 examples still remain in France.

Destruction in 1944 and reconstruction

The factory was severely damaged by bombing in September 1944 and it was reconstructed to original specifications along rue Calvin, with the exception of 2 chimneys. Apart from the addition of a new chimney in 1955, there have been no significant changes to the factory since then.

The factory was used for making cigars and was built around an internal courtyard, which formed an approximate square. The main building, offices, canteen and changing room are made of sandstone, with a roof covered with flat tiles. The boiler and repair shop are made of brick, with a square floor and a terrace.

The factory was owned by the Altidis group, formed out of the merger of Seita, the French national tobacco company, and Spanish company Tabacalera from 1999 until it was bought by Imperial Tobacco in 2007, only to be closed down a year later. Projects for its renovation are currently under consideration.

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  • Manufacture des Tabacs
  • Manufacture des Tabacs
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