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Place du marché Gayot

The eponymous square created by François Marie de Gayot

Place du Marché Gayot (named after its eponymous creator) was built in 1769 on what used to be the canonical residence of Brunswick, which had been partially destroyed by a fire, and was initially intended to be a market for herbs, chickens and other fowl.

Houses rapidly sprang up around the square, led by a salt storehouse on the rue des Écrivains side, followed by a large auberge bordering rue des Sœurs and a number of shops and homes, including some handsome half-timber houses which can still be seen at numbers 12, 15 and 21. Some of these houses have very low doors, as if built for very small people. Legend has it that they were used for housing dwarves, madmen and fools employed by the episcopal court.

A place to relax in, near the Cathedral.

The square was next put to use as a meat market (it even had its own covered market) before eventually turning into a car park. It has now been restored and is packed full of restaurants, cafes and terraces and is one of the favourite hangouts of young people and students. The sculpture (Stone with holes) that features prominently in the square is the work of Daniel Pontoreau and represents an enigmatic meteorite fallen from the sky.

  • Tram B, C or F - Broglie or Gallia stop
  • Bus 10 or 30 - Saint-Guillaume stop


67000 Strasbourg