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Haute école des Arts du Rhin (HEAR) - Arts high school of the Rhine

Strasbourg’s École supérieure des arts décoratifs (decorative arts school) has gained an international reputation for the excellence of its master degree courses (art, design, design and stage design, graphic art, illustration and visual didactics) and its workshops (jewellery, glass, wood, ceramics, clay, books, etc.) for young creators of all nationalities, and is considered to be one of the best art schools in France.

A school open to the general public

One of the largest art schools in France

In 2011, the school became part of the Pôle Alsace d’enseignement supérieur des arts (the Alsace Centre for secondary education in arts), along with the art school of Mulhouse and the Conservatory of Strasbourg, thus forming one of the largest art schools in France.

Located in the Krutenau district, with an outstanding ceramic facade and surrounding park

The building, with its wide bay windows and deliberately simple architecture, offered a new functional approach, which subsequently became the norm. Hints of formalism can be detected in the neoclassical central avant-corps, with its iconography glorifying Alsace-Lorraine, while presenting examples of works produced by graduates.

The great vertical divisions of the facade contrast with the austere brickwork, its brightly coloured panels painted by Léon Elchinger of Soufflenheim, a graduate of the school, after drawings by Munich artist Anton Seder, who was director of the school from 1889 to 1916 and editor of the review Das Kunstgewerbe in Elsass-Lothringen. The allegorical themes relate to architecture, painting and sculpture, subjects taught in the school on the basis of science, archaeology and geometry. The panels with plant illustrations are a clear sign of the Jugendstil influence instilled by Seder, who made the school into a hive of artistic talent in decorative arts.

Strasbourg’s first botanical garden (1619) was to be found in the adjoining park, where the city’s monument to the dead of 1870 is also to be found.

  • Tram C, E or F - Gallia
  • Higher education
  • A school open to the general public: evening classes in subjects such as painting, drawing, watercolours and engraving, in addition to conferences open to the public, video projections and a summer artists academy.

Auditorium - 140 seats.

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1 rue de l'Académie
67000 Strasbourg

Phone : +33 (0)3 69 06 37 77

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