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Le Vaisseau

Le Vaisseau is part of the Bas-Rhin Departmental Council’s educational facilities. It sets out to introduce science to children and young people aged between 3 and 15 in an entertaining way, by organising group activities, encouraging parents to come along and bring their children and helping teachers make use of pedagogical tools in line with the school curriculum.

  • Tram C - Winston Churchill
  • Car - motorway exit n°4 "Kehl-place de l'Etoile" then avenue du Rhin, direction Kehl; after the tunnel, 3rd traffic light on the left.
  • Cycling - from the city centre: General Koenig cycle path then from the quai des Alpes to the Danube bridge.
  • Latitude N 48.573° / Longitude E 7.7716
  • Permanent Exhibitions
  • Educational garden
  • Temporary exhibitions
  • Activities for families on Wednesdays and weekends
  • Birthday parties
  • vaisseau chantier
  • vaisseau insectes
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1bis rue Philippe Dollinger
67000 Strasbourg

Phone : +33 (0)3 88 44 65 65

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