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Cour du Corbeau

One of the finest of Strasbourg’s courtyards

The cour du Corbeau, or Raven’s courtyard, has been listed as a historical monument since 1930 and is one of the finest examples of Renaissance half-timber architecture, with its 16th and 17th-century corbelling and window carvings. There is little to be seen from the street, but once inside the courtyard, the beauty, charm and sheer atmosphere are striking. The buildings on either side of the somewhat narrow yard lead back to the main building, with wooden galleries covering 2 levels on one side, and a half-timbered building on the other. A wooden walkway connects the 2 sides of the courtyard. Although the buildings have undergone several alterations over the years, the versatility of the timber-frame construction means that the general harmony remains unchanged.

An inn, right from the beginning

The courtyard has hosted a hotel since 1528, starting with the Zum Raben (At the Crow’s),whose guest list included a string of well-known names, such as Swedish general Gustave Horn (1632), the Marshall of Turenne (1647), John Casimir, king of Poland (1669), King Frederick II of Prussia (incognito, in 1740), Emperor Josef of Austria (1777, also incognito). When the hotel closed down in 1854, the courtyard and its surroundings were taken over by the Ott glassmaking brothers, whose business continued until 1982. With no occupants, the Cour de Corbeau began to fall into ruin and the property was sold by the City Council (which had bought it in 1981 and 1998) to an investment group, who set about restoring it to open a luxury hotel.

  • Tram A or D - Porte de l’hôpital
  • Bus 10 - Corbeau
  • Bus 14 or 24 - Ancienne Douane
  • Cour du Corbeau
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