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Hôtel de Klinglin - Hôtel du préfet

The mansion built for Royal moneylender François-Joseph de Klinglin

The mansion is currently known as the hôtel de préfecture, the residence of the Prefect of the Department of Bas-Rhin.

It was one of the 4 residences that Royal moneylender François-Joseph de Klinglin enjoyed in Alsace, indicative of his somewhat ostentatious tastes. The building was damaged by Prussian artillery fire in 1870 and rebuilt to the same specifications, while making full use of the latest technologies. Its interior was richly decorated, reflecting the important status of the Reichsland guests received there.

In the 17th century, after Strasbourg came under French rule again, the area around rue Brûlée saw the construction of large Regency-style mansions, in line with contemporary architectural trends. The mansion built for de Klinglin displayed his taste for extravagant luxury, the cost of which was considerably above his financial resources. A court favourite, he organised the famous ball celebrating Louis XV’s visit to Strasbourg in 1744.

Klinglin managed to get away with his financial shenanigans for some time, but was arrested for embezzlement in 1752. He had originally had the plans for the mansion drawn up by architect Pierre Marcel Le Chevalier, in collaboration with Jean Querret, but he called upon city architect Jean-Pierre Pflug to complete the design and supervise the building phase, which began in 1731 and finished in 1736.

The residence of Emperor Wilhelm I of Hohenzollern in Strasbourg

The French influence can be clearly seen in the design of the courtyard and garden. The pink-sandstone-covered main facade looks over the waterfront, while the courtyard side is elegantly curved. The monumental portal in rue Brûlée, with its conch design, is the work of Joseph Massol, with sculptures by Martin Leprince. Nothing remains of the French-style flower beds.

Only the walls were left standing after the city was bombarded by Russian artillery in 1870, but the mansion was rebuilt, more or less to its original specifications, and completed in 1877. The sumptuous neo-baroque interiors were rebuilt and fitted with the latest technology, such as blown-air heating. While Emperor Wilhelm I of Hohenzollern wanted a suite for himself, the mansion was eventually placed at the disposal of his Statthalter or governors.

The hôtel de Klinglin has, since 1800, been the residence of the Prefect, the State’s representative within the region. One of these Prefects was the well-liked Adrien de Lezay-Marnésia, whose statue stands near the hôtel.

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  • During Heritage Days, the building is open to the public for free or guided tours.
  • Hôtel Klinglin
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