Strasbourg, Healthcare Territory of the Future

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Strasbourg, Healthcare Territory of the Future

The Healthcare Territory of the Future project sets out to improve the health of its citizens by offering innovative solutions delivered by local businesses and nonprofits and local authorities.

Tangible actions for citizen's health and well-being

These actions are based on a wide array of organisational, digital technological and social solutions, illustrated by the following examples:

  • Preventive care is catered for by supporting actions for improving air quality (for example through the use of bicycles fitted with air quality sensors or by trialling pollution centres within the city), encouraging tailored physical activity (sport on prescription) and the "eating better" project, which includes improving food in schools,
  • Bringing all the stakeholders (private and public sector, nonprofits, etc.) together to work within a fully transparent framework towards a common aim of enhancing the impact of existing mechanisms,
  • Real-time home monitoring of patients suffering from chronic conditions, such as diabetes and heart failure, by nurses trained in the use of digital tools and able to provide a link between the patient and specialists. Patients can enjoy regular consultations with healthcare professionals while no longer needing to travel for medical appointments,
  • Coming up with solutions for providing equal access to healthcare by supporting the development of telemedicine and teleconsultation,
  • Supporting the dynamism of our local businesses, which are seeking and finding previously unthought of solutions for training medical students in the use of ultrasound scans, for example, for devising new healthcare equipment for improving the detection of malnutrition in elderly persons,
  • Gaining a better understanding and providing better solutions for the needs of citizens through healthcare data.

Strasbourg - an award-winning national programme

We have within our territory an outstanding University Hospital (ranked 4th best hospital in France), an internationally reputed University (ranked 28th worldwide for biology and life science), specialist support structures and a dynamic group of highly motivated, innovative stakeholders and entrepreneurs working in the healthcare sector. Our Healthcare Territory of the Future project owes its success to its emphasis on innovation, the promotion of interrelationships and the sharing of knowledge.

In 2019, for example, the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg and its partners won an award in the State-run Territories of Innovation program. With an emphasis on digital, innovation and the local talent pool, the City and Eurometropolis of Strasbourg and their partners are bringing about tangible new healthcare solutions for answering the needs of both their urban and rural citizens.

The Healthcare Territories of the Future scheme is backed by stakeholders resolutely committed to working together over a ten-year period.

Healthcare Territories of the Future features:

  • A budget of around €115 million,
  • Some 50 individual actions,
  • A community of nonprofit, private and public-sector stakeholders,
  • A wide variety of urban and rural territories: the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg, the Territorial and Rural Balance Cluster of Saverne, Plaine et Plateau, the territory of Bitche and the Mossig Vignoble Communauté de communes (association of municipalities),
  • The first territory-based integrated healthcare method to be trialled in France.

The project is based on an individual assessment of each action and on the importance of the collective commitment.

For further details and/or for helping to define the future of healthcare, combining new medical technologies and social and ecological transition, contact:


Press kit - Territoires d'innovation (in French)

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With the backing of the Programme d'investissements d'avenir (Programme for investments for the future)


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