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Vitaboucle course

Opened in April 2015, the Vitaboucle network now comprises over 120 km of courses in the form of 16 Vitaboucle loops—9 in the territory of Strasbourg and 7 in certain Eurometropolis communes.

Like to have a run or a walk without leaving the city? This is now possible with the Vitaboucle network. Different urban physical activity courses are available to help you discover the city differently. These circuits enable you to choose quiet, pleasant and natural green spaces alongside rivers and in natural parks.

A Vitaboucle can start at any point in the course and you can move from one loop to another since different courses have common sections. This network enables you to choose different levels of difficulty while discovering new districts.

Build your course by choosing one or more existing meshes with the intensity you wish depending on your own fitness level. You can also enjoy the facilities and exercise facilities along the course.

How to use the exercise facilities

Each course includes fitness and stretching facilities to supplement the sports offer. You can practice stretching exercises and muscle building when warming up or cooling down at the end of your session. Each center has a special offering with a full range of exercise devices.

Of course, these facilities can be used by women and men of all ages but there is an age and height minimum(at least 14 years old and 1m40 tall) in force. The exercise facilities are not playgrounds.

In addition to walking or running activities, the exercise areas can also be used freely for bodybuilding activities.

Follow the marked out Vitaboucle courses

The courses are highlighted by a single sign featuring the number of the loop and its level of difficulty.

Check out the different courses on the OpenData.