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null D'une langue vers l'autre

Published on 22/09/2021 - Modified on 22/09/2021

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D'une langue vers l'autre

Europe, international

From September 21 to October 2,the city of Strasbourg is a partner in the first edition of this Goethe-Institut event whose objective is to register annually in the cultural program of Strasbourg

Event d'une langue vers l'autres Goethe Institut Strasbourg
The event “D’une langue vers l’autre” features translators and interpreters and the different aspects of their activity. We happily welcome all, bibliophiles, enthusiastic spectators or curious people and invite you to ten days of sharing, reflecting, exchanging and playing through a vast program with readings, debates, the Maurice-Betz award ceremony, a symposium, a translation contest, a workshop for simultaneous interpreting, translation workshops for children and performances.

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More information on the website of the Goethe Institut Strasbourg