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null Exhibition Jean-Jacques Henner

Published on 18/01/2022 - Modified on 18/01/2022

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Exhibition Jean-Jacques Henner


The artist's first retrospective in Alsace, his native region (october 2021 to 24. January 2022)

Until January 24th, 2022 you can discover the first retrospective of the painter Jean-Jacques Henner in Strasbourg.

With the title “Jean-Jacques Henner (1829-1905). La Chair et l'Idéal “(Idyll and Nudity), the exhibition takes place in the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Strasbourg. It is organized thanks to the partnership with the Jean-Jacques Henner National Museum, and presents 90 paintings and 40 graphic works of the poetic and bucolic art collection of this Alsatian painter, who was born in Bernwiller, a village in southern Alsace, in 1829.
After Alsace was annexed to Germany in 1870, he opted for French citizenship and left his native region.  However, he kept strong links with Alsace, which is present in his works, for example in his emblematic work "L'Alsace, elle attend".