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angle-left Festival "Sacrées Journées"

Published on 16/01/2020 - Modified on 12/02/2020

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Festival "Sacrées Journées"

Culture Europe, international

The inter-religious encounters of sacred music take place in Strasbourg from 26th January to 2nd February

The Festival "Sacrées Journées" of Strasbourg begins its 8th edition on Sunday 26th January 2020. 

It invites the public to change the way it interact with others and to build hope in humanity.  

Until Sunday 2nd February 2020, in twelve different places in Strasbourg and its agglomeration, fourteen musical meetings, dances, workshops and master class will be organised.

130 artists from all other the world will take up the challenge of fraternity and intercultural and inter-religious encounters.

The aim of this music festival  is to invite the public to discover three music ensembles of three different religions or spiritualities in the same place of worship.

These concerts combine authenticity, quality and generosity of different spiritualities and will contribue to bring new life in the daily lives.

The festival of Sacred Music create rare moments of harmony during inter-religious concerts where people express together their spirituality.

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