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angle-left Industrie Magnifique 2020

Published on 17/07/2019 - Modified on 20/03/2020

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Industrie Magnifique 2020


When art and industry meet outdoors in the city

The first edition of this unprecedented art event in France, with the aim of bringing artists and industrial entrepreneurs closer, took place in 2018.

Who does not remember the mammoth skeleton displayed near the cathedral and the other 30 spectacular artwork exhibited throughout the city ? 

Two years later, a second project is being created for other places such as the "Quai des bateliers, Place de la République, Place de l 'Homme de Fer" .

Twenty-five companies have already engaged as sponsors for this project valued at 5 million euros. 

What exactly is the "Industrie Magnifique" ?

The concept: a company, an industry, an artist, a place.

The key idea of this event is to install an original and spectacular work, created especially for the occasion, on every square in the city.

Association Industrie & Territoires

In May 2016, the "Association Industrie & Territoires" will be set up in Strasbourg to oversee the project of the "Industrie Magnifique" and hold its first event in Strasbourg.

The leader is Jean Hansmaennel - the Treasurer is Pierre-François Heitz - and the Secretary Vincent Froehlicher.

"Industrie et Territoires" currently has 67 individual or collective members from 3 sectors (business, culture, communities).

This association :

  • seeks to mobilize and bundle as many actors as possible in the industrial, cultural and public spheres,
  • initiates, develops or supports any project, action or activity that enters its object.

Outdoor art under the bright sky

This rapprochement of art, industry and the public is completely new.

The spectacular outdoor exhibition of the works is a way to bring life in the city's panorama, turning upside down the habits.

The public is free to discover these short-lived creations lined with fun and artistic events, such as: games, meetings, sound works or musical readings
promoted by industrial sponsors, takes the form of an extraordinary sharing as intriguing as unexpected.

A crazy idea becomes reality

The "Industrie Magnifique" was originally a strange idea, created by five art and industry friends. The aim of this creative phase is to leave the beaten track, to put together and promote an innovative and original concept of artistic creation with the world of industry in Alsace. This cultural initiative, unique in France, is supported by several institutions.

4 actors for a one-off event


Each industrialist, manufacturer or entrepreneur chose to welcome an artist who was inspired by the company, its values, its aterials, its technologies and its industrial practices to produce an original work in collaboration with the employees of the company. 

The artists

Sculptors, painters, scenographers or photographers left their workshops to produce an innovative work for an open-air presentation on site.

Institutions, Municipalities, Local Authorities

The city of Strasbourg provides technical assistance for installing the works on the various outskirts of the city.
The event is supported by the Eurométropole Strasbourg, the Département du Bas-Rhin, the Grand Est Region, the CCI Alsace (Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and various economic operators such as ADIRA (Agence de Développement Alsace) and the Fédération des Industries. 

The volunteers

Many contributors (experts, gallery owners, art friends) have joined this project to enrich, invigorate and ensure its success

Download more information on the website of the Industrie Magnifique