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angle-left New pop-up shop on the Cathedrale place

Published on 17/02/2020 - Modified on 05/06/2020

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New pop-up shop on the Cathedrale place

Culture Economy

Alsatian artisans showcase local craftsmanship

The former "Boutique Culture" on the Cathedral Place (on the corner of Rue Mercière), is now a shop called 1138, which is dedicated to Alsatian handicrafts. A collective of local artisans have now settled here.

Why 1138 ?

1138 is an indication of the time at which the famous green ray crosses the stained glass rose window of  the cathedral every year during the equinox.

In this  new pop-up shop, local artisans can exhibit and sell their creations for a period of 11 months every year.

An opportunity to offer a wide range of different handicrafts from the best talents and know-how of local arts and crafts. The visitors will enter this historic stone building with frescoes from the 15th century, and will find that the historic atmosphere and spirit of this place has been preserved