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null Partnership Kagoshima - Strasbourg

Published on 05/05/2021 - Modified on 05/05/2021

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Partnership Kagoshima - Strasbourg

Europe, international

A japanese tram in colours of the City of Strasbourg in Kagoshima and a virtual japanese art-exhibition in Strasbourg

partenariat Kagoshima - Strasbourg

The city of Kagoshima has taken the initiative to make its partnership with Strasbourg known to its citizens by decorating in December 2020 one of its trams crossing the city center in the colors of the city of Strasbourg, both outside and inside. 

Otherwise, the Lieu d'Europe website offers to discover a virtual exhibition with Japanese creations, work of citizens of the partner city of Strasbourg, Kagoshima, and produced as part of the Mail Art projec t: / postal-art-from-kagoshima /