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null Strasbourg Cathedral

Published on 05/03/2021 - Modified on 05/03/2021

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Strasbourg Cathedral


A new renovation project for a period of three years

It's been a few days now that a scaffold tower has been erected on the north side of the cathedrale, on the Saint-Laurent portal. A tarpaulin with the image of this masterful gothic masterpiece covers it.  
In fact previous analizes indicate already alterations such as cracks and efflorescence on the stone, and detachments from the facade of this historic monument.
The installation of this scaffold tower, is necessary to complete the in situ studies in order to identify all the alterations, the dating of the stones, the polychromy of the sandstones. The objective is to establish the restoration project and to propose a work plan. 

These conservation-restoration works will begin in spring 2021 for a period of three years. The total amount of work carried out and financed by the Fondation de l'Oeuvre Notre-Dame is estimated at around 2.34 million euros.
The Saint-Laurent portal was built between 1494 and 1505 under the direction of the master builder Jacques de Landshut. The Oeuvre Notre-Dame was at the height of its notoriety when it entrusted two sculptors Conrad Sifer and Jean d'Aix-la-Chapelle to draw up an iconographic program. Unfortunately a part of it was destroyed during the Revolution. Several phases of restauration works have already been carried out on this thousand-year-old portal in the 20th century.