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Getting to Strasbourg

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Getting to Strasbourg

Strasbourg, the capital of Alsace, is located at the heart of Europe and is easy to reach due to an excellent transport infrastructure.

By train

There are a number of direct trains from Paris and the biggest cities in France and Europe every day.

When you arrive at Strasbourg railway station (Gare Centrale) by TGV, the entire city is at your feet and the cathedral is never very far away.

Useful info

A EUROPASS enables you to travel freely on the entire CTS and SNCF regional networks in the Strasbourg Eurometropolis and on some Ortenau lines (depending on the rate chosen).

For more information about the EUROPASS:

By car

If you are driving to Strasbourg we recommend you go to the Relay-Tram (P+R) car parks located alongside the tram lines. After parking here, both you and your passengers, up to seven people, can easily get to the city center by tram.

Note however that during the Christmas period city center car parks are closed and city traffic rules are changed for security reasons. For more information visit the Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas website.

Air pollution in the city and the Crit'air certificate

When air pollution levels rise above a certain threshold, traffic restrictions may be put in place and old and very polluting vehicles banned from the city and from all Eurometropolis communes. To drive under these circumstances, you must have a "Crit'Air" colored sticker on your windshield. You can order one from abroad before you travel.

By plane

Strasbourg Airport is located in Entzheim, 10 km from the city center (exit 8 on the A35 motorway). A shuttle train service runs between the airport and Strasbourg station four times an hour (9 minute journey).

More information:

Strasbourg is also easily accessible from the Bâle-Mulhouse, Frankfort and Paris international airports.

By bike

You can also get to Strasbourg by bike on the EuroVelo 5 and 15 European cycle routes.

Visit our dedicated page for more information on cycling and parking your bike in Strasbourg and the Eurometropolis.

By motorhome

Strasbourg has special parking facilities and infrastructure for motorhomes.

Visit our motorhome page for more information on where to park and overnight sites.