Learn French in Strasbourg

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Learn French in Strasbourg

A range of organizations offer French language classes and workshops for adults wishing to learn or improve their French.

The advantage of French: always a plus

Integration, finding a job, understanding the authorities, communicating with schools, exploring the culture: for all these reasons, knowledge of written and spoken French is a huge advantage.

The solutions for learning French as a Foreign Language (FFL) will differ depending on your level, availability and personal ambitions and circumstances, Some classes are offered by public organizations, others are pay-for classes and still others are provided by volunteers.

With partners from the Contrat de Ville de Cohésion Sociale (Social Cohesion City Contract), the City of Strasbourg supports social and language workshops in the local neighborhoods.

Where and how to learn French in Strasbourg

Depending on your circumstances, several solutions are available to learn the basics or to improve your level of French:

You are a student

The University of Strasbourg offers several different language learning options.

You are a worker

On-going vocational training is available. You can get in touch with your company's human resource department.

You have just arrived in France to unite with your family, your spouse is French, you have refugee status

The Office Français de l'Immigration et l'Intégration – OFII (French Immigration and Assimilation Bureau) can offer you French classes as part of the Contrat d'Accueil et d'Intégration – CAI (Reception and Assimilation Contract).

These classes are dispensed by a range of training bodies all over the department.

You are the parent of a school-going child...

...and want to understand how the school system in France works and better communicate with teachers.

Some schools in the Strasbourg Eurometropolis offer French classes to parents. Contact the headmaster of the school for more details.

You are a job-seeker

At Pôle Emploi (job center) or, if you are under 25, at the Mission Locale pour l'Emploi (local employment mission), your councilor can point you in the direction of the courses that match your needs.

You receive the Revenu de Solidarité Active (RSA) allowance (income support)

Your referral officer can propose actions appropriate to your personal circumstances.

You live in Strasbourg and want to learn French near where you live

Ateliers Socio-Linguistiques de Proximité – ASL (Local Social and Language Workshops) are on offer from some social and cultural centers and associations.