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In 1907, the expansion of government departments led to the construction of a new building, designed by architect Ludwig Levy and located right next to one of similar appearance Levy had designed some 10 years before. The 2 buildings were known as the East and West ministries and thought was even given at one time to connecting them by a walkway.

The East and West ministries of the préfecture

The East ministry nowadays houses the préfecture of the Bas-Rhin and differs from its counterpart in having an even more sober appearance. Stone lions sit atop the main entry, while the tympan displays the coat of arms of Alsace and Lorraine, flanked by allegorical figures. Entrance to the building is through a massive cast-iron door, which was taken out in 1995 as part of the building’s modernisation. Fortunately, the door was kept safe and then restored and it was put back in its original position in 2009. Unlike the Western ministry, however, the interior and its historical decor were not conserved.

The completion of this building in 1911 marked the conclusion of the development of the Kaiserplatz (now place de la République).

  • Tram B, C, E or F - République
  • Bus 6, 15a or 72 - République
  • Bus 10 - Lamey
  • Préfecture
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5 place de la République
67000 Strasbourg

Phone : +33 (0)3 88 21 67 68

Site de la préfecture du Bas-Rhin