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New ways of getting around

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New ways of getting around

Living in Strasbourg means benefiting from the biggest tramway network in France, being able to get around easily by bike and being easily able to leave the car at home.

The Tramway: Biggest network in France

Strasbourg has forged a pioneering reputation with its modern, convenient and environmentally friendly tramway. Strasbourg was one of the first cities in France to decide to bring back this iconic late 19th-century mode of transport and to revolutionize its image.

Today, the city is continues to break records. In May 2017, with a commercial length of 71.8 km, its 7 intersecting lines including one cross-border line to Kehl (6 tram lines and 1 high service level bus line) and its 90 stations, Strasbourg had the longest network in France.

Biggest bicycle track network in France

Strasbourg has the biggest bicycle path network in France with 600 km of paths and 6,000 Vélhop shared bicycles available all over the city.

By making it easier to get around by bike, Strasbourg is defending a global vision of urban mobility, aimed at encouraging people to not use their cars in the heart of the city and in the neighborhoods but instead opt for alternative means of transport.

Vélhop, an innovative shared bicycle service

Eurometropole has made a bicycle sharing system available since September 2010. The purpose of this service is to make regular bicycle use part of our daily lives. Of benefit to all inhabitants of the city and to visitors, the Vélhop service contributes to improving the quality of life in Strasbourg.

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