The Iceberg skating rink

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The Iceberg skating rink

The iceberg is a modern ice-skating rink for leisure, artistic and sport skating, ice hockey, curling and ice karting.

The Iceberg comprises two rinks:

  • The leisure rink measures 1,500 m² and is mainly meant for children and young people skating for fun. Background music helps create a vibrant, friendly atmosphere.
  • The Olympic-size sport-skating rink has seating for up to 1200 spectators, which can be extended to 2400 places for special events.

Capacity : 2980 skaters for the two rinks combined. A stand seating 1200 people.

Resident clubs

The facilities are used by three resident clubs:

  • Étoile Noire, Strasbourg's ice hockey club, which plays in the Magnus league
  • The CSGSA, a club for artistic skating and children's ice hockey
  • The CCSK curling club